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Nonprofit accounting: A beginners guide

For-profits (just as the name implies) focus their energy and efforts on turning a profit. Once you have chosen an affordable software and respective plan that includes the accounting features and functionality your nonprofit needs, evaluate its more advanced plans. Determine if you are likely to be able to afford them and if they […]

Small Business Bookkeeping Basics for Start-ups In-Person U S. Small Business Administration

If you are looking to start a business in this segment, we’ll take you through all the steps on how to start an accounting business. Access expert tax help through QuickBooks Live Tax, take advantage of a free guided setup, track income, expenses, receipts, and mileage, and get help maximizing tax deductions. It’s the ultimate […]

Book Value Per Common Share BVPS: Definition and Calculation

Market demand may increase the stock price, which results in a large divergence between the market and book values per share. In theory, the book value of equity should represent the amount of value remaining for common shareholders if all of the company’s assets were to be sold to pay off existing debt obligations. The Book […]

What is the DACI decision-making framework? Examples, template LogRocket Blog

You can apply this Decision-Making Template to all types of challenges, especially unexpected challenges that require a swift response. Free content, templates, and worksheets to develop and execute your strategy. The STAR method is structured to answer behavioral interview questions by sharing a Situation, Task, Action, and Result that demonstrates your skills and abilities. […]